Quirky and entertaining, this novella is a fast and fun ride. Author David Hill Burns kept me wondering about the fate of the socially awkward and smell-obsessed narrator. A faint “Bates Motel” tang in the air gave me just the right amount of goosebumps.

Sylvia Ryan

Quirky and interesting

Whiff was a DELIGHT! An easy read, yet so poignant. A simple story that draws you into “Jim’s world”, where scent is EVERYTHING. Enjoyed every minute of this book. What a great break from reality. Can’t wait for David Hill Burns next novel.

Rita Petit


Whiff. A delightful read.

What a great story. Our main character is a puzzle, obsessed with scent to a somewhat alarming extent. The story has some twists that caught me by surprise and left me hopeful for this misunderstood misfit.

The references to his (my) hometown will make any Normanite proud. Ah, Sooner Dairy Lunch french fries…

I look forward to David’s next book!

Vincent Bumgarner

What a great story. Our main character is a puzzle

I love this story! Very satisfying to read, to grow and develop with the main character Jim. It was an alternate reality to feel/smell the world through Jim’s nose. I enjoyed it so much I shared the story with my family after reading it. I felt like he was a friend, real and lively. It was easy to laugh and cry with him. Hm. I wonder what he smell like. haha. It helps to see and sense the world from a different prespective and be more empathetic.



What is the world like if you can smell better than other people?

“Whiff” is a different kind of love story. More hopeful than Camus’ “The Stranger,” it nevertheless examines detachment through the main character’s inability to respond in a socially approved way. Linked to others almost exclusively by scent, can Jim open up enough to rediscover another way of relating? What role does smell really play in our lives, in love? What does a first kiss smell like?

“Whiff” is a fun and thoughtful read for any who likes off-beat, existential literature that somehow manages to find it’s way to a happy ending.

Joy Hampton, author of True Beauty

Fun and Thoughtful

I inhaled it! Pun intended. Seriously, I could not put this down. Clever, poignant, evocative, and sweet love story. Laden with nostalgia without slapping you in the face with it. Lots going on under the surface. Very satisfying. ~ Paul

I inhaled it!