cropped-bookcoverpreview7.jpgThe story of a man with an extraordinary nose who meets a woman with an extraordinary scent.

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In Whiff, a short fiction series, David Hill Burns gives
readers a front row seat to the highly original
perspective of Jim Bronson, a man with a
prodigious ability to discern the complexities
of smell around him. He is a man of great
nostalgia and invests all of his waking energy
collecting the smells of places, times, and

Burns walks a daring fine line with Jim
between creepy and lovably endearing. In
Whiff, you will follow his journey from socially
inept into the wide world of relationships and
feelings thanks to a woman with an
extraordinary scent.

“rain on early spring birch leaves, the filament
of an orchid, and the slightest hint of

—-Word Slinger Publicity

Available at Amazon in paperback or Kindle.

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  • Quirky and entertaining, this novella is a fast and fun ride. Author David Hill Burns kept me wondering about the fate of the socially awkward and smell-obsessed narrator. A faint “Bates Motel” tang in the air gave me just the right amount of goosebumps.

    Sylvia Ryan

    Quirky and interesting

  • Whiff was a DELIGHT! An easy read, yet so poignant. A simple story that draws you into “Jim’s world”, where scent is EVERYTHING. Enjoyed every minute of this book. What a great break from reality. Can’t wait for David Hill Burns next novel.

    Rita Petit


    Whiff. A delightful read.

  • What a great story. Our main character is a puzzle, obsessed with scent to a somewhat alarming extent. The story has some twists that caught me by surprise and left me hopeful for this misunderstood misfit.

    The references to his (my) hometown will make any Normanite proud. Ah, Sooner Dairy Lunch french fries…

    I look forward to David’s next book!

    Vincent Bumgarner

    What a great story. Our main character is a puzzle

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